The Benefits of Construction Equipment Rentals over Purchasing

Business owners today have two options when equipment is needed for construction. The first is to make a capital expenditure and purchase new equipment outright. Another option is to rent equipment as it is needed. Renting equipment actually has a number of benefits over purchasing.

Upgrade with Each Job As Needed
Construction equipment rentals allow a business to upgrade with each job as needed. Purchasing equipment means the business is forced to use the exact same machinery with each job. This is not always good since the needs of one project might be very different from the next one. Renting is a way to make sure the business is always using the most modern and appropriate equipment for a construction project.

The Rental Company Covers Maintenance
One of the major costs of owning construction equipment is maintenance. The business needs to perform maintenance constantly in order to keep equipment working safely and effectively. This is not a concern when using construction equipment rentals. The rental company becomes responsible for general maintenance. All equipment that is rented is in good working condition. Some rental companies will even send repair technicians to a work-site if a problem occurs during a job.

Lower Overhead for Specialized Equipment
There are pieces of construction equipment that have a very specialized use. This type of equipment might be used only once a year or less depending on the types of construction jobs being done. Buying this type of specialized equipment is not always an efficient use of capital. There is usually much less overhead when renting specialized equipment. The business can rent the equipment for a single job without worrying about other costs.

No Long-Term Storage Issues
Some businesses do not fully understand exactly what it takes to store large and heavy pieces of construction equipment. Equipment that sits outside or that is kept in a poorly maintained shed can degrade over time. It can even become damaged due to exposure to bad weather or heavy dust. Construction equipment rentals do not need to be stored for long periods between jobs. This can save money and frustration.

Get Support from the Rental Company
A final benefit of renting construction equipment is that the rental company often provides help and support. They can help with choosing the right piece of equipment. They sometimes provide real-time support if questions arise during a construction job. Renting construction equipment from a company that provides support can make using equipment and completing jobs much simpler.

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