The Ability to Study Boating Licensing Exam Online

The popularity of the internet has changed much in our day to day lives. In particular, it has enabled people from all walks of life to educate themselves on a variety of subjects and obtain necessary licensing online. One license that is mandatory as required by Transport Canada for all provinces are courses on boating safety and successful completion of the boating license exam for lawful operation of motorized watercraft along the waterways of Canada. Although recommended for those who operate any form of recreational watercraft, this license is a legal requirement for those who operate motorized boats. With completion and passing grade on your boating license exam, you will be provided with your “Pleasure Craft Operator Card.”

To assist everyone who wants to earn their pleasure craft operator card and enjoy the pleasures of recreational boating, Transport Canada allows for online study and test-taking. Through the use of online study guides, courses and successful completion of the boating license exam on an accredited website, Canadian residents can freely operate motorized recreational watercraft. Study and online courses allow current and would-be boaters the chance to learn boating safety in their own time and at the location of their choice. Working professionals, college students and busy parents can now find time to initiate or reorient themselves into the world of boating basics. Studied online, exam materials and courses can be completed in as little as three hours. The exam itself as accredited by Transport Canada can be taken successfully in just under an hour and a half. Mandatory since September of 2009, this card must be carried on-board and can be requested by Transport Canada at any time. Ontario Ministry of Transportation explains What are the new boating safety regulations

3 Easy Steps to get your Boating License

The ability to study boating safety and take the boating licensing exam online works to the great advantage of Canadian residents who wish to enjoy all forms of recreational boating safely, but also for those who plan to reside in any of the provinces for a period of over forty four days. Without their own Pleasure Craft Operator Card, they too are subject to fines of $250 for non-compliance of the law.

Those who are planning shorter stays in Canada are still responsible for knowledge of proper boating safety before operating recreational watercraft. It is to their best advantage to have passed this exam online to obtain their Pleasure Craft Operator Card as well. If they can not provide this form of identification on-board their boat when operating motorized recreational watercraft, boat operators must have official identification from their US state or home country of origin. This non-Canadian license must certify that boating operators have successfully completed a boating safety course and similar testing as that required for the Pleasure Craft Operator card.

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