Nanny Services Canada

When you want to hire a nanny for your children, it’s important to find the right person, and it’s not always an easy process. The child care provider you choose depends on the needs of you and your children. Some of the nanny services in Canada from may include:

Full-time nannies, Part-time nannies, Babysitters, After school care, Summer vacation care

A full-time nanny will live in your home and be available to care for your children 24 hours a day. The nanny’s responsibilities may include caring for your children, helping with homework or projects for school, and helping with dishes or laundry. A nanny who works full-time may also have to arrange play dates. Room and board are usually part of the contract.

A part-time nanny would essentially have the same duties as someone who works full-time, but doesn’t live in with your family. Some parents choose to hire a part-time nanny that’s available for specific hours every week.

You may occasionally need someone to care for your children when you’ll be out for the evening or attending a special event. Nanny services also provide qualified babysitters who are willing to provide occasional child care.

When your children aren’t old enough to care for themselves while you’re at work after school care may be just what you need. The nanny is available to pick your children up from school, or be at your home when they arrive. She would also transport them to after school activities and prepare dinner if needed.

You can also hire a nanny for the summer months when your children are out of school, and you aren’t able to take time off from work. Although the nanny is working only during the summer months, their duties would be the same as a nanny who works for your family on a full-time basis.

How To Choose Your Nanny

The potential nanny should interact well with your child. She should be compassionate, patient, and comfortable around your child. She should be well groomed and neat. How a person takes care of personal grooming can be a good indicator of how well she’ll care for your child.

The nanny should ask the right questions, such as what your child likes to eat, what activities they enjoy, and how they’re expected to handle potential discipline issues. She should be reliable and maintain a schedule. She should be comfortable with you and your child, and want to talk readily about your child’s day.

You should also make sure to check references and have a formal contract drawn up, so the nanny understands what you expect of her.

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