Differences Between Hiring Residential and Commercial Painters

The residential and commercial painters perform similar tasks. And while that’s true to a point, often there is a huge difference between the two. Most residential Toronto painters at www.torontopainters.me basically provide personal painting tasks in someone’s home – as the name suggests, while commercial painters step-up when the job is entirely too big for just one painter and his accessories. Here are the key differences between the two painting platforms:

Larger Jobs

When it comes to large-scale painting jobs, commercial painters are usually the best team to call for the job. They’re equipped to paint large scale public areas, shops, and other facilities like football stadiums and airports. Most commercial painting businesses employ numerous staff that can facilitate deadlines by using the proper equipment and infrastructure conducive for most jobs.

Commercial painters are typically required to work on a super tight schedule. So, by utilizing the proper tools and equipment such as cherry picker cranes for higher elevations, industrial painting tools, and access to premium commercial paint supplies, commercial painters are the go-to-guys for bigger jobs.

On the other hand, residential painters are better suited for painting jobs on a much smaller scale. These consist of usually just one or two men that can professionally paint your space in record time. Just because they’re self-employed doesn’t mean they aren’t every bit as professional as a larger commercial painting company.

When You Should Choose an Expert Residential Painter

It requires many years of experience and various qualifications in order to develop into a well-known, recognized professional residential painter. A skilled residential painter will generally meet with you in-person and explain in detail how they work, discuss the budget, and what you should expect overall. Prior to hiring them, take the time to check their credentials and view their previous work. If you feel comfortable and like what you see, go ahead and book them.

Commercial painters can offer you a wider variety of services than a one-man residential painter since they have an entire team with a variety of experience in diverse fields. Similarly, commercial painters can deal with the logistics on a much larger scale and have the know-how when it comes to working with additional on-site contractors to bring the project to completion professionally and on time.

In the end, a residential painter is likely your best choice if you simply want some portion, or even your entire home painted. However, for bigger projects, it’s better to call a commercial painting team with all the right equipment to get the job done proficiently and in a skilled manner.

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